Need a Hand When Traveling?

Explore the world and visit loved ones with ease by hiring a certified travel companion for your trip.

Why Travel with Golden Years?

We understand the thrill and excitement that comes with exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, and creating unforgettable memories. But we also know that traveling can become more challenging with certain medical conditions. With a vacation companion to keep you company and support you along the way, you have the freedom to explore the world with comfort and ease, no matter what.

Safety & Security

Our trained staff can make it easier when traveling with a medical condition such as anxiety, dementia, blindness, or use a medical device like a cane, walker, or O2 tank.

Comfort & Companionship

Solo travel can be a little too quiet. Having a companion to chat with you on your flight and sunblock your back can be just what you need to make your time off even better.

Planning & Preparation

Golden Years offers concierge services that can help you plan around your needs, from the ride to the airport to the activities you want to do at your destination.

Vacation at Any Age

We aim to be more than a ‘traveling nurse’. Our goal is to keep you, or someone you love, in good company while still making sure a properly trained assistant is there to help when needed. We want you to feel independent throughout your trip while knowing support is still nearby.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Golden Years is proud to offer its clientele a convenient way to plan their next adventure. Our travel concierge services can help elderly and disabled individuals find appropriate accommodations so they can get the most out of their trip.

Making Travel Accessible

Despite there being ADA regulations to make living in an able-bodied world more accessible, some tasks are just easier when you’ve got some backup. Our travel companions can help lessen the hassle of traveling with a disability.