Companions for

Senior Travelers

As elderly people age, they may begin to face various complications that make traveling alone less feasible. Things that can limit one’s ability to travel solo can include:

Joint, heart, muscle, or other physical conditions

Mental conditions such as dementia or PTSD

Decline or loss of sight or hearing

Mobility equipment like a walker or cane

Medical devices such as ventilators or oxygen machines

Is a Travel Companion Right For You?

Some reasons older people and their loved ones may be considering a travel companion include:

  • Safety and Security: With age come various physical and mental challenges that can be a concern when traveling alone. A travel companion can help to ensure safety and security throughout their journey, whether it is during transport or while exploring tourist attractions.
  • Peace of Mind: Traveling can be stressful and overwhelming, especially for seniors. Having a travel companion can reduce the stress of traveling by helping with logistics, remembering the essentials, and providing emotional support. We also offer concierge services to help plan each part of the journey.
  • Companionship: Loneliness and isolation can also be a huge challenge for elderly people. Our staff members are companions in every sense of the word – they will engage in activities with you, provide excellent conversation and companionship as well as aid you with practical tasks.
  • Medical Assistance: Many seniors have medical conditions that require attention and care, and having a travel companion who is knowledgeable in medical care can be beneficial. They can ensure that the senior is taking their medication on time, make sure that they get enough rest, respond to any medical emergencies if needed, and provide any other medical support.

With a travel buddy provided by Golden Years, the journey will feel just like traveling with a trusted friend (who also happens to have medical expertise), making the trip a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. 

Experience the joys of travel at any age by booking Golden Years Travel Companions. Request a consultation so we can talk about your travel plans. 

Making Travel Accessible

As travel companions, we want our clients to feel like they’re accompanied by a friend, not a nurse. By prioritizing the emotional need for self-sufficiency, they can explore new places and visit familiar ones feeling free while still having the benefits of having that medical support on standby throughout their journey.